About Us

Mokshana is proudly managed by Mokshana Bereavement Services Sdn. Bhd. with the manifesto Save to Safe for Peaceful Final Journey. Mokshana understands that most people have never planned but worried of their final journey. With Mokshana your final journey is no longer a barrier. We provide professional and respectful final journey arrangement for your loved ones.

Why Mokshana? Mokshana takes the pride to create awareness among the community the importance and needs for their funeral rituals. Nevertheless, Mokshana creates a platform for business entities to join force to convert a traditional bound industry into a professional marketing vision entity to change people’s perception towards bereavement. 

Our principle is to provide professional service and extend support to the families during their most heart wrecking moment in life. Therefore, our employees are trained to be attentive and diligence to accommodate our customers’ request. We provide funeral service for all religion within your budget and has vast experience in handling worldwide repartition with minimal waiting time.

Mokshana is ONE STOP funeral service provider ranging from transportation, embalmment to memorial ceremony. Our developed packages are comprehensive and customized to fit your needs at affordable pricing range. We do not sacrifice in quality of our services as our ultimate intention is to provide you and your family peace of mind in terms of finance and ritual arrangement. We provide wide range of integrated funeral services that meet your needs during the loss of your loved one. Our clients can expect for premium quality of customer services, as well as high quality and reliable funeral services.


  • Mokshana Bereavement Services Sdn Bhd Is An Establishment With A Longterm Vision To Make Bereavement Services A Professional Service Provider For The Demised’s Eternal Rest And Gives Peace Of Mind For The Family With Least Hassle.
  • Mokshana Bereavement Services Sdn Bhd Is A Tradition - Bound Industry With Professional Marketing Vision, Changing People's Perception Towards Bereavement Business Industry.
  • Cozy Environment, Beautiful Landscape And Serene Yet Solemn So That The Deceased Can Truly Rest In Peace And Life Returns To Its Eternal With Correct Spiritual Ceremonies.


  • "Peace Of Mind " Our Moto Towards Customer Needs With Professional Expect Assistance And Care .to Be The Industry Leader With Excellent And Higher Service Standards Possible
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority With The Utmost Professional Service Provided And Service Standards Maintained At The Highest Level


1. Create awareness among the community on importance of savings for ‘end journey’ of their life.

2. Create opportunity to prepare and sustain basic fund without depending on others during the ‘end journey’.

3. Create platform for vendors in this field to join force and provide services needed for our clients in professional way.

4. Create business network and improve company profits of our registered vendors & merchandisers.