An action that is far too important to be ignored. It speaks for the demised person. Not only can a Will legally protect your loved ones, it also states how things should be handled as per the wish after the person demised. Every Will is unique, therefore understanding your wish and tailoring the Will to best fit your needs is our utmost priority. Our professional will writers offer personalized will writing service that will help you plan for future uncertainties.



A coffin or casket is held as a respectful resting place for the deceased. It also carries items of emotional value to be buried or cremated with. Families consider it to be an important tribute to their loved one, therefore coffins/caskets are usually selected with care. We cater with various options ranging from flat top to full glass, in various sizes and shapes. We work with various casket companies (Mokshana® merchandisers) throughout Malaysia enabling us to deliver the required casket in timely manner.



Embalming & Dry Ice to preserve deceased body

  • Delay the natural process of decomposition.
  • Promote hygiene and suppress odours.
  • Give a more natural appearance to the face.

Embalming helps to restore the deceased appearance giving a serene and peaceful sleep like look. This procedure allows family members spend quality time with deceased and gives great comfort to those gathered to pay their last respect.



Canopy is often a necessity during funeral. During trying times of funeral, it is cumbersome to be hunting and comparing prices of canopy rental. We are ready to take over these tasks and give you space and time to grief. Mokshana packages offers canopy sets that comes with tables, chair fans and etc.



a.Deceased– Before the last dignified move, remains may have to be ferried a few times, from mortuary/hospital, home to funeral centre. We offer standard mode of transport and various hearse or funeral coaches based on the available package. Selection includes Vellfire, Alphard, Nissan, Mercedes, Wagon, Volvo & etc.

b.Family Members – – While attending to pressing issues, the decision makers often overlook matters such as transportation for family members. We do extend transport services to family members especially to and from house to crematorium.



A funeral Saangkiyam is a ritual performed for the deceased. It is a religious and traditional send-off that is accompanied with prayers, chants and certain symbolic offerings. Family and friends of the deceased usually offer traditional ornaments, attires and flowers. Saangkiyam is performed by priest/person who is certified and trained by the renowned Shivasri A.P. MuthuKumara Sivachariar, advisor to Malaysia Hindu Sangam, Founder & President of Persatuan Sankara Malaysia. Mokshana® team is and will ensure these priests are equipped with the most accurate knowledge and understanding of the said Saangkiyam. Religious and traditional beliefs have varied greatly in the past. Along the way many rituals and rites has altered either for convenience or for personal reasons. We aim for the dearly departed to be sent away in the most respectful, well deserved manner that includes the right prayer and ritual.



The purpose of cremation is to severe the ties of the soul from the body that it is leaving, freeing it to move toward ‘MUKTHI/MOKSHA’. The cremation or burial process is carried out according to Hindu Rituals to pay respect to the soul.



Devotional songs are sung during the ongoing prayers for the deceased. It is believed these songs/chanting will serve as guidance to the soul. Clients may choose modern or traditional songs to accompany the procession.



Flowers are believed to be a visual expression of love sympathy and respect. Often seen as an action of extending support and sharing the burden of grief. We do offer one off flower delivery for those who wish to express their sympathy and condolences with a floral tribute, simply order via our website( and we will ensure the desired bouquet/stand is delivered. Delivery is available throughout Malaysia by our skilled and compassionate florist (registered merchandiser of Mokshana®).



It is a common practice to place an obituary notification in the press in order to reach all family members and friends regarding the demised. Mokshana will assist the family of the deceased to place obituary notification to be published in Tamil local newspaper.



People find it important to have their loved one’s funeral documented. We provide photography services which covers from the arrival of the funeral cortege at the family home till the funeral process completes at the crematorium or burial ground.



A local caterer can be arranged for memorial service meals, to ease the burden of selecting the range of food to be served. We work with licensed, professional caterers to plan all types of food delivery before, during or after the funeral service for your loved one.